Are you looking for somebody to solve those problems in your house?

  • toilet is leaking or water doesn'tstop,or toilet not flushing, or clogged
  • faucet is leaking or water doesn't shut off in the kitchen or bathub
  • food disposal is not working or you need to install a new one
  • need to fix closet doors,doors or change the lock
  • repair drywall,deck,fence or carpentry
  • problem with your HVAC system or replace filters
  • replace broken tiles in your kitchen or bathroom
  • water leaking under the kitchen sink or sink is clogged
  • hanging curtains,blinds,pictures,mirrors
  • assembly a new furniture
  • replace or troubleshut outlets or switches
  • replace bulbs or lamps or fix them
  • If you are looking for handyman or repair man I am ready to help